Friday, November 13, 2009

Stinky flowers?

I just bought some roses at my local groceries and it came with some bouquet baby's breath.

The whole bouquet smells BAD- like feet.

It's very pale purple...almost lavendar (the filler) and it almost looks like wheat- the way it is on the stem, versus baby's breath that looks like tiny little flowers at the end of the stem.

Is this what smells?? I thought it might be bad water that they were sitting in, but the bottom of the stems smell fine. It's the tops that stink.

I've seperated them, but I think the poor roses picked up the scent...bleh.


Stinky flowers?
Yes, I bought them before. Its called purple phoenix and it smells exactly like some dogs have urinated on them.
Reply:Yes. Some fillers do have an odor. I've worked with dried baby's breath (there are different types) and it does smell.


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